Hi, I'm Kim!

Welcome! You’ve just found a great Nanaimo doula serving the mid-island communities. My practice is centered around a strong desire to reflect back the strength I see in every birthing person, regardless of how they choose to bring their baby into the world. I bring calmness, evidence-based resources, and a great sense of humour to the births I have the honour of attending.


I look forward to getting to know you and your family.

About Me

So, How Does This Work?

Let’s talk about how this whole “doula thing” goes down. What can you expect from me? How do I make sure partners feel included? When do we meet and for how long? What does a doula even do, exactly, and how is having one beneficial?

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Grab A Tea And Settle In

Knowledge is power! One of the central roles of a doula is to provide access to reliable information and resources so that parents can make informed decisions. I also think it’s crucial to get a feel of who your doula is as a person. Because how else are you going to determine whether or not you really want her at your birth? You’ll find tons of information in my blog.

Take a Peek

Kim is a calming, reassuring, and empowering presence to have around. I felt instantly comfortable talking to her about anything, and her self-assurance and belief in my abilities help me to have confidence in myself and my decisions. I would absolutely recommend her.

Meg Fyfe-Watkins

When we decided to hire a doula, we were told to interview a few to get a feel for who we would be most comfortable with. Kim was the first and last doula we met - an instant "yes"...it felt we'd been friends for years. She's been there for us whenever we've needed support and was an absolute rockstar during labour and delivery. Shawn and Kim were like a well-oiled machine together, my water glass was never empty, and she brought a sense of humor and calm to our room. She even came over and made us waffles once we were home from the hospital and snuggled our William . We would not hesitate recommending Kim to anyone looking for an amazing (and important) part of their birthing team.

Heather Carnie

Your Nanaimo Doula

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert; a first-timer or an old pro; a home-birther or hospital-oriented. What matters is that you’re supported. Here’s how I see my role on your birth team.

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Am I the right doula for you? Let’s have tea and find out! I love meeting new people and learning their stories. Send me an email to set up a time that works with your schedule.

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I just met you and I love you! Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. But I do think it’s pretty cool that you’re on my site and I want to thank you for visiting by giving you access to a resource page I’ve put together.

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