As I sit here in my office with June-uary rain coming down, I realize I haven’t been as active on this blog as I’d like to be. And that’s because I’ve been busy learnin’! The most recent continuing education I’ve completed is becoming an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor. Just for a little bit of background, Evidence Based Birth is a website that was created by Rebecca Dekker, a mother, wife, PhD-prepared nurse researcher, and blogger who saw that there is a gap between routine care provided in most hospitals and the care that is supported by current research. For many reasons, evidence-based care is not the norm and birthing families can and often do suffer as a result. So Rebecca’s goal was to provide information for families based on current research so they can collaborate with their care providers to get the kind of healthcare they want. Her website has grown from a research-sharing resource to a training ground for those of us who want to offer practical education and support to families for even more knowledge and empowerment in this area.

So you can probably understand why I’m so excited about being an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor! There’s really nothing else out there like the EBB curriculum for parents. In my role as a doula, I’ve found it so hard to find resources for clients who are overwhelmed with unreliable information, don’t know how to communicate their needs effectively to their care providers, and/or worry that they’ll face unnecessary interventions. There is a lot of information about why intervention-xyz isn’t supported by evidence in situation-xyz, but no resources for helping parents get the training they need to change the conversation about their care. Health care providers do their best to provide care based on best practices, but there are many obstacles they come up against themselves. But now there’s a trustworthy, accessible, and inexpensive way for parents learn about this!

To get into this training program, I had to submit recommendations from colleagues and clients (thanks, everyone, you know who you are!) The course involved attending hours of online seminars and completing tasks and activities directly overseen by Rebecca herself. My final test sealed the deal for my instructorship and now I’m a proud graduate! As an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, I have access to all of EBB’s online articles to share with clients, as well as a TON of continuing education courses (seriously, there are so many and new ones are coming out all the time). We are required to renew every year to keep our status as instructors, so my knowledge and training will always be up to date. I can also now offer workshops to parents and health care providers, as well as an online workshop for parents who can’t make it out in person.

All in all, I’m overjoyed I can now offer this to my clients and any other expectant parents in the community who need something the average childbirth education class won’t give them. Look for my 3-hour workshops for parents coming soon!