How We Work Together

So you’re interested in my doula support, but maybe you’re not entirely clear on what that could look like. Scroll down to get a little more of an idea about the typical trajectory of how everything comes together.

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We have a lot to do before the baby’s born! Here’s how things generally go before the big day.

First, we have our initial consultation (free of charge). This is when you’ll interview me to see if I’m the right doula for you. If everything goes to plan, you’ll hire me. (Hooray! It’s a complete honour). I am a positive and dependable part of your birth team and I love working with midwives, OBs, and GPs.

We’ll establish times to meet for our prenatal visits, where we’ll talk about everything under the sun and then some more. These visits are where we’ll get to know each other, practice comfort techniques, and go over issues related specifically to your experience. I’ll coach you through putting together a birth road map, if that’s something you’re interested in.

Ideally, you’ll want to attend a separate prenatal course throughout this time, and you’ll bring any questions you have from that to our meetings. I can provide all the resources you may want/need from my extensive collection of books and websites.

Free free to keep in touch with me however you like, and as often as you please. It’s really important to me that you know I’m just a text or email away. One of my specialties is providing clients with non-invasive suggestions for staying active, nourishing themselves healthfully, and ensuring their bodies are ready for labour.


Although no two births are alike, the typical schedule of events goes like this:

You’ll call me as soon as you think you’re in labour. I’ll ask you a few questions and if you’re handling things ok, I’ll clear my schedule, get my things in order, and wait for you to call me to you when you need me. When you need extra help, I’ll arrive with ideas and tools for comfort, relaxation, and/or whatever you need. You can depend on me to anticipate your needs and help you voice your desires to your birth team.

I’ll help your partner feel involved as s/he wants to be. I’ll help you determine when is the right time to head to the hospital, if applicable. If you’re having a homebirth, I can answer questions you may have about communicating with your midwife. Throughout the birth, I will reassure you, encourage you, support you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you have to make some big decisions, I’ll be by your side the entire time. I can bring you down to earth and walk you through an emotional time so you can feel confident and educated in your choices. You don’t have to worry about remembering anything from our prenatal visits, because I’ll be right there with you.

Depending on how I’m supporting you when your baby is born, I will likely be able to get some photos of her or his big debut. I love when I’m able to really let my clients be present, instead of having to scramble for their phone or camera to snap pictures.


My care doesn’t end when the baby is born. We still have postpartum visits to do, so that you can feel secure knowing you’re supported by the same person in your postpartum period as you are prenatally.

Immediately following the birth, I’ll stay with you. I can take photos of you and your baby, and any extended family members who come to meet the new arrival. Your care provider will take care of your medical needs and I will ensure you are as comfortable as possible while that’s happening.

If you’re planning on breastfeeding, it’s important to initiate it as soon as possible. I’ll provide some basic coaching to get you and your baby off on the right track. My knowledge of breastfeeding is ever-growing and supported by several courses. I can provide referrals to lactation consultants, as well, and resource groups for you to learn together with other new parents.

In the days after the birth, we’ll set up time for postpartum visits. I’ll gladly do any light housekeeping tasks you want to save for me, talk about your first few days with your baby, provide breastfeeding resources, and generally ensure you have what you need. This also is your opportunity to debrief about the birth and cement the details in your mind. Those first few weeks are such a blur that it can be easy to forget those moments!

Postpartum mental illness is very, very common. I can provide an informal assessment of any potential mental health issues that might be arising for you and refer you to the right professional.

I’m always just a phone call or text away if you decide you’d like a little extra postpartum doula help.